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ਹਰਿਆਣਾ ਮਾਰਕਾ ਸ਼ਰਾਬ ਦੀ ਖੇਪ ਬਰਾਮਦ ਸਮੇਤ ਮੋੋਟਰਸਾਈਕਲ, ਮੁਲਜਿਮ ਨੂੰ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ ਗ੍ਰਿਫਤਾਰ || 6 ਸਾਲਾਂ ਤੋੋਂ ਭਗੌੜਾ(PO) ਮੁਲਜ਼ਮ ਆਪਣੇ ਸਾਥੀ ਸਮੇਤ ਕਾਬੂ || ਕਰੀਬ 3 ਸਾਲ ਤੋਂ ਭਗੌੜਾ (ਪੀ.ਓ.) ਮੁਲਜਿਮ ਕਾਬੂ ||
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Community Policing Resource Center Mansa

In an endeavor to improve the responsiveness of the police to the needs and aspirations of the people, the COMMUNITY POLICING RESOURCE CENTRE (CPRC) has been established at District Head Quarters Mansa. CPRC will work as a single point public interface under which various schemes will be implemented. The CPRC will help police in delivering people friendly and responsive administration, thereby coming upto the expectations of the people. The centre will also involve community in tackling crime and to implement community-oriented schemes in partnership with NGOs, grass root organizations and other government departments.

CPRC is located in the District Administration Complex Mansa and is very convenient for people to reach.


The reception caters to the visitors who come to CPRC for various works. CPRC incharge in civvies works from here. He has a receptionist sitting next to him who records all the details about the visitors. The visitors register is maintained at the reception with the details like name of the visitor, purpose of visit, whom to meet, remarks, etc.  The people visiting there can see him any time for their grievances.

View of reception

At the reception, the Receipt Book about any complaint given is maintained. This book has entries like name of the complainant, subject, expected date of disposal of complaint, etc. The purpose of this receipt book is to give time bound results to the public. The care is taken that the complaint is disposed off on priority, so that the confidence of people is maintained. It also streamlines the functioning of CPRC.

View of reception

Various paintings and posters on social issues like dowry demand, dowry deaths, rape, child rights, human rights, etc. have been displayed in the gallery, so that just by cursory look people get impression about the social evils.
The information counter has information on variety of issues. Two Pentium IV computers along with internet facility have been provided at the counter. Four computer operators have been specially trained for this purpose. To carry out the smooth and efficient functioning of CPRC, softwares have been developed on passport verification, service verification, arms licences , motor vehicle verification, national status, complaints, etc. With the use of softwares the information is retrieved within a minute and caller is given feedback immediately. Thus the complainant does not have to go around knowing about the status of his complaint or any kind of verification. It also creates new kind of work culture in the police department as well as it instills confidence among the people.

Single window information counter

One telephone set with numbers 1098 and 01652-229601 is installed for incoming calls only. Number 1098 work as women, child and senior citizen helpline. After the receipt of telephone call the information is further passed on to the concerned officer so that action is taken immediately.

Number 01652-229601 is used for providing information to the public about any queries on status of complaint, verification, telephone numbers, any other important information about district, etc. It also provides relevant information on procedures, rules and regulations etc.


A large number of cases of cheating and fraud of serious natures are reported by the public. The dealing of these cases requires knowledge about laws, and the procedure to be followed for the investigation of the cases.

 Keeping in view the serious nature of the problem Economic Offences Wing has been established by Mansa Police and is located in CIA Mansa. To look into the problems of serious fraud, illegal travel agents cases, etc. It is headed by an Inspector/Sub Inspector rank officer.

The cases relating to domestic violence and demand for dowry are often reported to the police. These cases have to be dealt with lot of sensitivity. A matrimonial dispute redressal committee consisting of social activists, lawyers, reporters, retired police officers, house wives, retired teachers, etc. has been constituted. They were given training about handling of various natures of cases.  It has been observed that in more than 95% of the cases the matter is sorted out amicably.

View of Women Police Help Center Mansa

The Women Police Help Center consists of mostly lady staff who work in civvies and is under direct control of SP/ Head Quarter. It is located in the near Civil Hospital , old Court Road, Mansa.
This branch deals specially with various needs likes registration, extension of stay, verifications, MRG enquiries, etc.
Passport Verification :

Software on passport verification has been developed for easy retrieval of information about the passport application details.

The various entries made in the software are passport application number, district dairy number, applicant's name, father's name, address, Police Station, guarantees, enquiry officer, dispatch date to CID/DSP Sub-division, etc.

On receipt of application from the officers concerned, the receiving dates are filled and finally the application is sent to Regional Passport Office (RPO) with the comment that application is recommended or otherwise.

Filling of these details enables the user to fetch any kind of information on passport application. For example,

Ø Particular of a passport application like its current status.

Ø Searching a passport application on basis of district diary number, passport application number, applicant name, father's name, address, etc.

Ø Passport applications between specified dates.

Ø Passport applications dispatched to CID or DSP (Sub Division).

Ø Dispatched passport applications to RPO.

Any search with combination of any of the above condition can be seen and edited in no time.

All these queries make a visitor feel free to ask about his passport application status without remembering his/her passport application number, district diary number or any other details. The applicant can simply come and enquire about his/her application on basis of applicant name, address, father's name, etc.

Software also provides some statistical data like pending verifications with Police Station, CID or any other concerned authority. One can easily know the pending applications for more than 30 or 15 days, etc.

Software also gives facility to export data to dbase file/excel spreadsheet of new application details or queries which is sent to CPO, Chandigarh in their required dbase pattern.

7. Civil & Military, Character Verifications:
Like passport verification all details are filled in the same way, but in this case verification number, instead of passport application number is mentioned. Same reports and queries are obtained in this case also.
8. Arms License Verification:
Arms license verifications, which come to the department, are filled with base as diary number and DC office number, and particulars like applicant's name, address, father's name, village, Police Station and weapon for which license is required. Different dates like dispatch to Police Station, date of report by SHO, date of report by DSP, date of remarks by the SSP and dispatch to DC office are entered and also that whether the verification is recommended by the concerned authorities or not.

All these dates enable the user to search for verifications with a particular department for pending verifications, and recommended or not recommended verifications.

Rest all queries and reports are as extensive as described in Passport Verifications.

9. National Status Verification:

National status verifications verify the applicant's address and his national status. Dates to be entered here are, date of dispatch to Police Station, receipt from DSP, dispatch to higher authorities.

Queries include same as in case of passport verifications and few more queries like verifications for a particular country, verification details of a particular passport number, etc.

10. Foreigner Registration:

Foreigner registration is also called the Registration Permit, which enables foreigners to stay for a particular period of time in India .

Foreigner's complete details are filled like name, father's name, address abroad and in India , nationality, passport number, its validity, visa number and its validity, authorized stay or extension date. In case the extension is already authorized, reason for extension is mentioned.

In this case the most important query is to find the persons whose authorized stay has been expired or about to expire. This query guides the police department to tell applicant about overstay and instruct him to extend his stay if he wants. This query solves a major problem of foreigners who comes to India and keeps on living here beyond their authorized stay.

11. Motor Vehicle Verification Counter:


The CPRC is closely monitored by SP-HQ and SSP Mansa.

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